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1995 Mazda BA Astina Hatch

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1995 Mazda BA Astina Hatch
Hi Guys,

I have owned this Astina since 2003. as you can see by the pics it has had a number of different looks and stages:

-2004 - white graphics
-2005 - 17 inch gunmetal grey wheels
-2006 - Addition of bodykit
-2006-2009 - Who knows....

***Just a quick little update on the car, i have just uploaded abit of a teaser pic of the way the car has been transformed over the past couple of years.

All will be revealed in the coming months.... might reveal more of the car in the near future once a few loose ends are tied up.

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
2006- Addition of bodykit Bodykit and 17's 2005 - 17's 1995 Mazda BA Astina Hatch - Photo 511 another old pic from back in 2006 bodykit just after if was fitted and painted in 2006, used to have green parkers too progress pic from early '09 - 1995 Mazda BA Astina Hatch - Photo 3294
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Member: -dc-
Created: 18-08-2005 09:51 AM
Last Modified: 12-05-2009 08:01 PM
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Author Comment Date
spenaroo whats the front bar, never seen one and it looks tough. 13-01-2010
-dc- na it was airbrushed at the same time it was painted. 26-04-2009
marcs_sp20 Coloured in with crayon's? 23-04-2009
sik astina stickers? 23-04-2009
-dc- who said it was airbrushed? 23-04-2009
sik astina Bout time :P who airbrushed your car? 23-04-2009
-dc- yeah looks abit like that in the pic, in real life its alot darker than the passion rose, na i stuck with the same old hatch, sorry rupe 22-04-2009
Rupewrecht lol i thought you'd bought a Passion Rose Hardtop for a second! 22-04-2009
-dc- i can assure you it is the same car.. 22-04-2009
70NYD if thats what i think it is then very nice paint (also has the car transformed in to a different car ?) 22-04-2009
-dc- na mate, can't rush these things 22-04-2009
phly months??? cant we see it now 21-04-2009
-dc- there you go mick, i added a teaser for you :P 21-04-2009
sik astina alot... too much has changed :P post some pics up!! 19-04-2009
paperjuice wher u located ? sydney ? where ? 19-04-2009
-dc- Cheers Putonyourshoes, i really need to update these pics, i just realised i havent updated them since 18-08-2005! Alot has changed.... 16-07-2008
Putonyourshoes stunning mate 15-07-2008
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