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1998 Mazda 323 BA Astina Hardtop

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1998 Mazda 323 BA Astina Hardtop
So far mostly stock except:

Stock 1.8L 4 Cylinder
Mazdaspeed Oil Cap
NGK Iridium spark plugs and better spark leads
K&N Panel Filter (now with silicone piping)
Removed the Resonator Box from the Intake and made custom CAI
2" Exhaust all through
Cusco front strut brace

Clear side indicators with LEDs
16" Rims with Yokohama Advans
Mazdaspeed adjustable shocks and springs
HID kit installed on low beam 6000K
LED lights on reverse, brake lights and park lights
Jap spec bumper with Fog Lights
Indicators where the Parkers used to be
LED strip above headlights as park lights

Dash light change to Blue LEDs (Now with sanded back of dials)
Sony Head Unit
Amp wiring kit installed
JL Audio 6x9's Rear (Now with stinger wiring)
JL Audio 5x7's Front (Now with stinger wiring)
Unknown amp running 2 10" MTX thunder 6000 subs
Alarm fitted

To Do:
Headers and 2 1/4 exhaust
Possibly more engine work
Repaint the new panels after my little accident
Custom Tail Lights (Maybe)
JL Audio Subs and AMP

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Buying day rear Buying day front New decal on the back Lowered care of Mazdaspeed
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Astina Andy Woah, lots to do hey? Looking good though 27-03-2007
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