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1990 Mazda Astina 323

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1990 Mazda Astina 323
This is my Mazda Astina I look forward to putting some real money into...! Advice is really really appreciated on what to do with her. I live in the Newcastle area... so if you know where a good place to retrive Astina parts from please do tell!

The pics are from when I purchased the car, since then I've had the radiator fixed, bought new tyres, registered it and it is now getting a few electronic aspects repaired as I type this

So many things to do with this car!

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1990 Mazda Astina 323 - Photo 983 1990 Mazda Astina 323 - Photo 984 1990 Mazda Astina 323 - Photo 985 1990 Mazda Astina 323 - Photo 986 1990 Mazda Astina 323 - Photo 987 1990 Mazda Astina 323 - Photo 988
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Created: 03-04-2006 10:52 PM
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LIL-JET how much u get it for?? n how many kms? 07-08-2007
madazz lowwer it as low as you can ie 11cm in rear and 6cm in front or lowwer dont let the pros tell you how low do it youre self or get a mate then slap some 17 or 18
inch rims on it and youre the man just like bakin a cake waah lahh
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