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1992 Mazda Astina BG

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1992 Mazda Astina BG
1.5L DOCH pretty much standard just pod filter relocated (sounds bloody good) and breather filter.
Everything else is stock standard baby but **** it goes good for a 1.5.

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1992 Mazda Astina BG - Photo 2533 1992 Mazda Astina BG - Photo 2534 1992 Mazda Astina BG - Photo 2535 1992 Mazda Astina BG - Photo 2536
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Member: elementofglen
Created: 25-03-2008 03:30 PM
Last Modified: 25-03-2008 05:29 PM
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ardian11 what airflow that you use for the Astina, or it standard? my astina has a different airflow, coz mine 1.8 L. all of Indonesia Astina have 1.8 L 14-09-2011
elementofglen not bad bro.stick up sum fotos.im no where near that tho lol 01-04-2008
yed_72 ME ALSO GOT ASTINA B5 DOHC 167HP 31-03-2008
elementofglen its a 1.5 im positive.checked the plate on firewall 26-03-2008
bourbon yeah...well japspec had a 1.6L DOHC... so im guesin it is actually a 1.6L...if you look at the drivers side engine mount there is more of a gap between the belt covers and the mount than a 1.8L 26-03-2008
89sp1.8 1.5? not 1.8? 26-03-2008
elementofglen yea i noticed.yea our afm's are just tubes.its good as coz u dont need an adapter or anything 25-03-2008
bourbon woah so the airflow meter is standard like that ??? over here we have the gate type... 25-03-2008
elementofglen just removed factory airbox and put the poddy down in the empty space under where the airbox was.works well.apart from that stock as bro. 25-03-2008
bourbon nice loooking...whats been done to this baby? 25-03-2008
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