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Ford Laser SR2 2002

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Ford Laser SR2 2002
I bought the car Nov 2011
since then I hav lowered it on Pedders Sports Ryder, K+N filter. I bought same $50 XF falcon snowflake alloys
14x7 and gave them a go but because of the falcon offset it scrubbed on the rear.

2014 update - Still Running the falcon steelies but done a bit more. I have added Sp20 front strut brace, also 2.5" cat back exhaust. and an additional baby seat for my little ones!!!

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laser with falcon offset Stock as a ROCK Ford Laser SR2 2002 - Photo 4147 Australia Day 2014 Melbourne Car Meet Cruise Australia Day 2014 Melbourne Car Meet Cruise Kinglake Drive Yasashii Meet
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xeon8 Falcon rims look good, man! 22-05-2012
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