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tamiya TT-01D Drifter and circuit car

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tamiya TT-01D Drifter and circuit car
My RC Car

2009 Tamiya TT-01D

Engine and drivetrain

- I have a losi 8.5 turn motor tuned 4 30.000rpm
- a losi9500 ESC
- 1x 4000maph 25c battery in hard case
- 1x 5000maph 25c battery in soft case
- aluminium drive shaft and end links.
- stock opened LSD (in box)
- Alluminum Dogbones front and back
- 21 tooth pinion gear

Rolling Goodies

- 1 set of tamiya drift rims
- 1 set of race tires.
- 1 set of show rims (just 4 funzies)


- 4 Leds in the front and rear of the car. and Blue neons under the shell


- standard shocks
- alluminum tops and bottoms

Mod's in the future

- new rims (is a must) bought today.
- various aluminim parts
- and a sp20 shell (will get there one day)
- Beattle shell (not goin down that path anymore)

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tamiya TT-01D Drifter and circuit car - Photo 3370 tamiya TT-01D Drifter and circuit car - Photo 3391 tamiya TT-01D Drifter and circuit car - Photo 3392 tamiya TT-01D Drifter and circuit car - Photo 3393 tamiya TT-01D Drifter and circuit car - Photo 3394
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Member: Mad Mat
Created: 15-06-2009 11:32 PM
Last Modified: 08-06-2010 11:26 PM
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Mad Mat thanks man. its still a working progress atm as it keeps on spitting the rear dogbones with the diy sld installed hey. hmmm but looks farkin HOT 24-07-2009
marcs_sp20 that body rims is pure porn! 23-07-2009
Mad Mat hmmm have u tryed one before lol. plus i wanna do circuit with a little drift. its not that hard to drift the tt-01 u just need the practise and be gental on the throttal is all. but it is hell fun driftin around the last corner onto the straight hee hee and some times passin my mates 14-07-2009
spenaroo i skipped the whole tt01 thing, went from a sprint 2 straight to an TB evo 3
the 8.5 is a bit overkill for drift
Mad Mat i'm runnin the standard pinion gear mate. i just putted out the original motor and installed the new one. but i do have massive ass-end hang, and no much front end drive (like 35% to 65%) due to plastic drive shaft. hopein the new drive shaft will fix that. and goin to have a gb 4 lsd's soon. if anyone is interested. marc????? :P 16-06-2009
scott b also, what pinion gear are you running? 16-06-2009
scott b im baffled as to how ur running an 8.5 turn motor in urs. when i got my 15 turn motor the guy said that the TT-01s dont do anything that fast, or higher, very well. and sure enough after about 5 drives with the 15 turn, my rear diff is slipping :S maybe he was talking out his rear end, and my car is just rooted.. 16-06-2009
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