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1997 Mazda 323 Astina Hatch

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1997 Mazda 323 Astina Hatch
TINK's specs

My car is so 'cool' .... its got Air Conditioning

Car For SALE, PM for details!

DB tested with only one 10" sub connected at 132.5DB at 40Hz 8/3/08 @ Audiotech
- Pioneer Premier DEH-P790BT CD Player
- Pioneer iPod adapter and Microphone
- Pioneer Premier TS-C720PRS splits (front)
- Pioneer TS-C160R splits (in rear)
- PG Octane-R 75watt X 4 channel (doors)
- PG Octane-R 1500watt mono Block (sub)
- 1 X PG Xenon subs (fiberglassed box)
- Mongoose M80AU Car Alarm

Lighting and interior
- Altezza black rear lights
- Smoky side indicators
- Stock V6 Fog Lights
- Black Mazda Speed Bucket Seats
- Short Shifter (not installed but sold with car)

Wheels and suspension
- Avanti MEDUSA 17X7"
- Falkin FK452 all round as new
- Whiteline rear sway bar
- Whiteline Front strut brace
- Whiteline camber kit (bolts)
- Koni Yellow Shock inserts
- Eibach springs
- Ground Control Kit thingy making car height adjustable up to 3"
- DBA Slotted Rotors Front and Rear
- Lucas Brake Pads

Engine Etc
- Mazda Speed Exhaust
- button clutch and lightened fly

- Eye-lids
- Mazda Speed Front lip
- Veil-Side Rear Wing
- Rear Beaver Panel colour coded to match car
- Rear Guards Rolled
- Ariel removed and patched over
- Resprayed in stock Nobel Green
- Custom Number plates "SKITZ" not sold with car

a huge thanks goes out to Dan for all his assistance in getting me parts in a rush and advise or for just being there to laugh at me, and everyone else on AGT that has helped me with advise over the years

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1997 Mazda 323 Astina Hatch - Photo 2799 1997 Mazda 323 Astina Hatch - Photo 2800 1997 Mazda 323 Astina Hatch - Photo 2801 1997 Mazda 323 Astina Hatch - Photo 2802 1997 Mazda 323 Astina Hatch - Photo 2803
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Member: skitz
Created: 16-02-2007 08:41 PM
Last Modified: 01-03-2009 03:58 PM
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amberastina Very nice car.Just a quick question how much did it cost to get it sprayed and ready?you mentioned you had some dents well mine has some scratches on doors so would need a sand back.If you could let me know itd be great thanks 09-08-2010
marcs_sp20 Got any new pics for us kyle? 05-02-2009
Red Fire Gee nice & such a fine example! Love the lids & tail. Very sexy indeed.
Way to go!
downet hey u know when u put the tail lights in what happends to the lights on the hatch bit, do u need a new boot outside bit 16-02-2008
bourbon certainly does loook a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot better haha i could still say lot alot lot lot lot lot more haha see...

keep up the good work with it...
marcs_sp20 You have really outdone yourself with the presentation of the car now kyle . Looks 200% better then the flame-jobbed dorrigo styled car it was 12-02-2008
skitz got pissed of with carmate and there kits so swaped to better ones :P see pics of what car mate is like 11-01-2008
skitz no i am more like front bar king hahaha this is what my 4th in 1 year hahahaha 21-12-2007
Rupewrecht Kyle: Crash King!™ 21-12-2007
-SoniK- Nice job, m8 ! 29-07-2007
Mad Mat lov the wheels. nice sub box to. looks sweet as. i want one. i.e. the car. lol 13-05-2007
KittyKatSmack wheels are purty ^..^ 12-04-2007
skitz okay new pics are in 12-04-2007
skitz pics have been taken i havent had the chance to put them in my readers rides yet but they are on my bebo http://DrSkitz.bebo.com 11-04-2007
AstinaBoiV6 pic of new wheels :P 11-04-2007
skitz yeah my car will be number 3 sexyst time in hole of australia :P hahahaha i will pop some up tonight but i was more filming so it is more likely that u guys will have better pics? 11-04-2007
coley put the flame pics up you know you want to , then everyone will know how hetic your car really is !!!
they will all be jelous of your sexy time car!
bourbon put up a pic of the flame!!! 11-04-2007
toyer23 hey mate. car is looking sick. mate wondeing how to get an astinaGT.com sticker. can you help me out here? im new to this. cheers. 05-04-2007
skitz hahaha u know for a car that i view as STOCK as a TAK it has a rather large write up... maby i have been hanging around kitty and the world of 5million word post hahaha jks i cant wait to slowly knock down that wish list it will be sweet as 04-04-2007
skitz okay kitty my bad i will fix luv ya too 04-04-2007
KittyKatSmack ok, you did mention the indicators, just not the installation, which is what I meant to put in the first place - it's 730am, I'm allowed to make mistakes 04-04-2007
KittyKatSmack ah Kyle,
you have neglected to mention your smoked side indicators and your stickers on the front and back windows coz they are 10kwatw
of course
AND lastly, don't take pics of your sub and put them in readers ride when we can see the dirty in the hatch sill
But keep up the great work skitz, you're really coming along and it's great to see.
Kitty ^,,^
skitz thx man that is if u were talking to me :P add ur reader ride :P 27-03-2007
Astina Andy Nice, very nice 27-03-2007
skitz shhhh i still like to take the micky :P where else do i get my kicks :P 24-03-2007
Rupewrecht You've seen the photos of the VW. So you know i can paint! 23-03-2007
skitz would look better on the nobel as well :P so are these amiture flames or slightly experienced flames :P or do i bring my 1yr old sister to help :P jks 22-03-2007
Rupewrecht Seeing as your front bar is white...i better be doing white flames 22-03-2007
skitz lol the ones i will be buying of u in a few weeks if ur still selling them :P 22-03-2007
bourbon what the clear tail lights??? if so YAY ! haha 22-03-2007
skitz what the gigedy gigedy gooo at? the fact i will be hitting u up for lights later or what dan said >?:P 21-03-2007
bourbon can i laugh and say gigedy gigedy gooo! 21-03-2007
skitz gee ur so though full :P 28-02-2007
Rupewrecht i'll bring my spray gun to Dorrigo and do some red flames up the front 28-02-2007
skitz yeah i got my new loan sorted i just need to get of my ass and find a good pannel beater (for the tip of the bonnet and a few dints in doors) and get quotes on spraying lol. 28-02-2007
bourbon good work, good to see the panels are now straight hahaha just paint her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! 28-02-2007
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