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2001 BJII Astina 1.8L

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2001 BJII Astina 1.8L
Originally bought as a fuel friendly daily driver after my 88 R31 Skyline kicked the bucket one day on the way home from work.

Picked it up just a hair just on 100,000 on the clock , after driving it for a few weeks i fell in love with the car and upon stumbling on this site the potential it can yield.

Mod list as it stands.

- Perry SR12 Axle back straight thru muffler.
- K+N panel filter
- Intake Resonator Bong removed and sealed off.
- This Grille Mod Semi complete pending being arsed to finish
- LED parkers
- Philips 4000k Blue vision bulbs to give whiter light until i fork out on a moderate HID kit
- Avanti Vienna Gold Rims 17x7 wrapped in Maxxis 215/40ZR17
- KYB Shocks and Whiteline Front Strut Brace
- King Spring Lows

To come

Clear Side Indicators - Eventually


SP20 sideskirts and rear lip, and euro front lip add-on/or sp20 front bar conversion.

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2001 BJII Astina 1.8L - Photo 3536 2001 BJII Astina 1.8L - Photo 3537
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D Valerius This baby was sold loooong ago, i now miss it dearly. 30-08-2018
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