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'97 BA 323 Astina

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'97 BA 323 Astina
1997 v6 BA 323 Astina Hatch
(Thanks Nate for informing me that it is a hatch, not a hardtop!)

When I first joined AGT I had no clue about how cars worked, I couldn't even drive! Since then I have picked up a small amount of knowledge about cars and terminology. But I'm still clueless!

When I finally got my learners I used to hate driving manual, my first instructor was featured on 'A Current Affair'. He was drunk with students in the car, and blew 3 times over the legal limit for normal driving, with student in the car driving instructors are supposed to be 0.00! My driving didn't get off to a very good start.

When I finally got back on the road after a bad ordeal with the first instructor I was nervous about driving again. Brendon for Driver Education Brisbane (Highly Recommended) got me driving again and I hated driving my Astina because it was so much harder than the Yaris I was learning to drive in.

Since then I have graduated onto my P Plates and am loving the Astina. With plans to start modifying soon then next section will outline plans/goals & whats been done so far.

Modifications To Date:
- Replacement Exedy Clutch
- Replaced Brake Hoses
- Replaced Both Rear Shocks & Bumpstops
- Replaced Engine Mount Bolts
- AGT Sticker, Rear Window (+10kw)
- CBC Red Oil Cap (+2kw)
- CBC Red Radiator Cap (+5kw)
- New Headlight Bulbs, Blue Tinge
- New Toyo Proxes T1R's on the front
- Green Neeons in Driver & Passenger Footwell

- Kenwood Headeck (Rears)
- Kenwood Front 6" Splits
- Kenwood Rear 6"
- Twin 1500w 12" Kenwood Subs
- 360w Kenwood Four Channel Amp (Fronts)
- 1800w Kenwood Monoblock Sub (Bridged to Subs)

In Progress
- New Air-Con Compressor & Regas

Leave me a comment. I know I don't have much going on at the moment tho.

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Front View Front View AGT Sticker w/o .com
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Member: Astina Andy
Created: 24-03-2007 07:12 PM
Last Modified: 27-02-2009 12:24 PM
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Author Comment Date
marcs_sp20 Needs lowering 08-07-2008
skitz smart ass ryan! 17-03-2008
Astina Andy I love my wing. I think it looks better with the wing than without! 16-03-2008
project.r.racing Good idea removing the rear wing. Ugly little things they are. 16-03-2008
project.r.racing that would be sep/aug 1997 skitz they started with the newer sexier badges... p.s. yes you are wrong again. haha 16-03-2008
skitz so random question.... is this a 97 or 98... as its got the new wing badge... and i thought that started in 98? could be wrong.... 14-03-2008
marcs_sp20 Hey man, i think u need to dump it on its guts, and if ya want help with audio, let us know... 13-03-2008
astina_ijo nice car...so you plan to remove the rear reflector? 08-03-2008
RedLineResident Im guessing thats a V6?
Very Nice, i like it. Nice and clean.
toyer23 hey mate. good job getting an astina. gret car good model you have too. best of luck with your plans. 05-04-2007
skitz hey man congrads on getting an astina it will be a great little first car u will learn a lot... and you picked the best model too :P 27-03-2007
Miss 323 Hey Andy, thanks for the comments in my gallery :-) My astina was my first car too! Are there any other mods you're looking at doing in the future? 25-03-2007
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