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1991 BG Astina Turbo WTF-323

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1991 BG Astina Turbo WTF-323
New 1/4 mile PB's set at Compak Attak, Sydney.

- WTF-323 (Black on Silver)

-=Engine Hardware/Performance=-
- Mazda GTR (BPD)(1.8L DOHC Turbo - Rally spec)
- Power output - 326.0hp @ 21psi (243kw) (Video HERE) *NEW*

- Best mile: 12.168sec @ 118.57mph (Video HERE). *NEW*

-=Engine Accessories=-
- Microtech LT8 Engine Management
- Wiseco Forged Pistons (40 thou over)
- Shot peened and Balanced GTR Rods
- Balanced Crank
- ACL Race series Bearings
- Ported, Polished and Reco'd BP05 Head
- Fidanza Adjustable cam gears (polished)
- Gates Racing Timing Belt
- 3" Polished piping
- Polished GTR Intake Manifold
- HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
- Magnecor 8mm Ignition Leads
- Bosch HEC715 Ignition Coil
- 3" Stainless Mandrel-bent Exhaust System with Hi-flow cat and Cannon style muffler with 4" tip
- 3" Stainless Dump Pipe off the Turbo
- Malpassi Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regualtor with Autometer Fuel Pressure Guage
- 550cc RX7 Injectors
- Walbro GSS294 Fuel Pump (270L/h)
- AVC-R Electronic Boost Controller
- K&N Filter Pod in Custom Air Box
- Custom Radiator Tanks
- Custom Strut Tower Covers
- Custom Power Steer, Overflow and Washer Bottles
- Custom Polished Stainless Steel Heat Shelds

-=Drivetrain Hardware=-
- 2nd gen G Series FWD out of a KJ laser
- Double Syncro 2nd gear
- Cryo-treated gearset
- Mazdaspeed Protege LSD (strengthend)
- PAR Straight cut 3rd gear
- Custom Driveshafts (not stregthend)
- 4WD Flywheel
- Jim Berry Custom 5 Puk 235mm Carbonics Clutch Plate
- Jim Berry Custom 4WD pressure plate (2100lbs clamp)

- Full Respray in factory Newport Blue
- Electric Sunroof
- Jap-spec Familia Badging
- 15% ES Window Tint
- Chomed Door, Bonnet and Boot Latches
- Japspec Familia Front Badge
- Mazdaspeed Aluminium Badges

-=Brakes and Suspension=-
- Mazda V6 Front Calipers
- ABS Conversion (not complete yet)
- 270mm DBA4000 Rotors Front and 250.5mm DBA Slotted (silvers) Rear with Lucas Pads
- KYB Struts
- King Low Springs
- Whiteline Camber Pins/Bolts Front and Rear
- Whiteline Strut Brace
- Whiteline Rear 20mm Swaybar
- 18" AMG Rims with 215/35 rubber.
- 2x 15" custom painted rims with Mickey Thompson 205/50 semi slicks *NEW*

-=Interior and Gadgetry=-
- Aerotech front seats
- Full retrim with XR8 style cloth inserts
- Electric windows install
- Black carpet flooring
- Black Roof and Pillar Lining
- Custom Floor Mats
- Custom shifter boot
- Customised LCD instrument cluster
- Autometer Electric Oil Pressure, Air/Fuel Ratio and Water Temp guages
- Autometer Mechanical Boost Guage
- Autometer Shift Light
- HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer

-=Stereo Components=-
- Pioneer DEH-P8450MP Headunit
- 2x10" Audiobahn and 1x12" Audiobahn subs
- Kicker IX404 and Schneider 9604 Amps
- Pioneer TS-C1625 220w Splits in front doors
- Speaker pods
- JL Audio 5 1/4" 2ways in stock rear position
- Philips 200w 6x9's
- Custom Boot Install
- Use of Laptop PC with 15.4" Widescreen, DVD playback, MP3 and WMA and other video storage ready for playback though the AUX input of the HU.

-=I Have No Money to Get (Future Mods)=-
I'll get an Audiobahn 1 farrad capacitor just for the hell of it.

-=Websites (Heaps of pics and info!)=-
- YouTube Videos
- Fordlaser.com Gallery - Lots of pics and up to date info
- Super Sleeper Astina
- Project Laser

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1991 BG Astina Turbo WTF-323 - Photo 69 1991 BG Astina Turbo WTF-323 - Photo 582 1991 BG Astina Turbo WTF-323 - Photo 2068 1991 BG Astina Turbo WTF-323 - Photo 2070 Customised BG Astina LCD cluster Me and the Astina Sneak peek at stereo install Got booty
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Created: 30-09-2006 01:30 PM
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Author Comment Date
lukeyprotege Omfg i want one of these. This thing is nuts love it. 29-10-2013
ElvenMishi Hey Rob, this is an awesome set up. If i may, how did you manage cooling down your engine temperature? Assuming if the car can be driven daily. I want to do my bp turbo set up right before i get it to the next level. Any advise? 01-05-2013
rogerstrampoline i think i saw this at pacific pines just after xmas.....sounded like a turbo R1 roadbike from a distance hahaha then i saw it flying around the corner, my instant reaction " no f**kin way is that WTF 323!! until i saw her get up and boogy 20-05-2012
S373N hear about any digital dash's let me know. there'll be a finders fee 28-03-2011
vam_vam im back... got some few upgrades of mine .. still looking for a digital dash hehehe.. cheers... 18-03-2011
tacety Think I seen this car around pacific pines?? If so it sounds wi wi wicked yo, turbo spool sounds solid..like a winding up of a s/c..wish mine sounde like dat instead of ssshhhhhhhhhh lol 19-03-2010
ROB-80E Most of it was done myself. 18-03-2010
Mickey If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the work done? 21-02-2010
ROB-80E Cheers mate. I really do miss this the speed and brutality of this car. 26-01-2010
Maz323 Epic Car!! 25-01-2010
Astinadroxycuts I wish i could do what you'v done to your bg 26-10-2009
Cosmo Dude The instument cluster is from a Eunos 100 which is essentualy a BG Astina. 11-09-2009
Mad Mat it come out opf a enos 30S i think. fits straight in 11-09-2009
S373N woah, i'd really like some help on how to get my dash cluster looking like that! 11-09-2009
ROB-80E 4ORGD - It's cost me alot to do, not only in money but time as well. To do a conversion propperly you're looking at a minimum of $4000 IMO.

Killerbees - No it's not.

vam vam - A mate got it for me out of NZ. I got it cheeper than i probably should have.

Thanks guys for your comments.
vam_vam hey where did you get your digital indash and how much very interested thanks.. email me at vam_aries@yahoo.com thanks. 5 stars for your car.. 26-08-2008
Killerbees nice ride man..is it 4WD? 13-08-2008
4ORGD hey man, nice ride, just a few questions i just bought a 323 astina 1990 model and i wanted to make the performance better how would i go about it and how much did the lot cost you to do this, roughly if its personal thats ok, would apprecitated if you can get back to me, again fcukin nice ride 12-08-2008
ROB-80E Cheers mate! Valentines day presant from the misses Not sure where she got it from. 09-05-2008
Putonyourshoes thats mental. where did you get that stig shirt ahahahhahahahah 09-05-2008
ROB-80E Cheers buddy.
Yes the DOHC is better. No, aftermarket parts aren't easy to get, but there's alot more available now than there used to be.
walterkramer great looking car mate it justs show how good bg astina looks it must be great to
drive now.
one thing i like to ask is the dohc is better than the single ohc and the after mark
et parts easyer to get.
ROB-80E Some new piccies added! 24-02-2008
Devotion jesus bro sweet car makes my bg looks bad 17-01-2008
zappy65 oh yeah i just see it now......chroming how much does that usually set you back ...and who made all those custom resovoirs.... 25-07-2007
ROB-80E It's there. Kind of hiding behind the power steering pipe. It's been chromed, so don't look for the yellow top. 25-07-2007
zappy65 ahha....i noticed that you dont have that distinctive stick that is your oil "checker" where is that hiding? 24-07-2007
ROB-80E Zappy - I made them. Not hard when you can get your hands on a stainless steel capable bender. 02-06-2007
ROB-80E Bourbon - I honestly can't remember if they are 7" or 7.5", besides, rim width doesn't matter, only tire width. But to answer your question, they are rolled. 02-06-2007
zappy65 tell me now who fabricated those heat shields....im looking for someone to make a filter box and that work looks great.... 31-05-2007
newman what a ****box! haha 30-05-2007
bourbon what width 18s do you have? are they 7, 7.5, 8... if they were 7.5 did you need the guards rolled at all? 28-05-2007
ROB-80E Thanks!
Next week I will definately have the car back in my hot little hands! CANT WAIT!
zero_1984 very very nice! 28-04-2007
ROB-80E hahaha...yeah some would say you have to be crazy even to drive it. I love it though.

Thanks mate.
jhoeven 286HP !!!!!!!!!! in a BG!!!!! are you mental??


This is great, loved the videoclip.

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