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  1. MA2DA
    11-01-2012 11:23 AM
    Hi there,

    Rupewrecht suggested I contact you since you are cluey about K series engines...

    I have a problem with my engine and I need a good mechanic to look at my 1996 V6 hardtop. There is some smoke coming out from the top left hand side (If you are standing in front of the car). It stops after the car has been turned off for about 5 minutes. It only does it when the car is all warmed up. I recently had my power steering pump replaced (ouch, pricey). He told me that my rocker cover gasket had blown and leaking oil onto the exhuast, hence the smoke. I had the rocker cover gasket done and the smoking has has come back.

    Would you know what the problem is?

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