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ElvenMishi 01-02-2017 04:49 AM

Help: KLZE single turbo on an Astina BG
Hi Guys,

I need your help and thoughts about a KLZE single turbo set up for BG.

1. How much estimated HP and torque can we sqeeuze out at 1.0 Psi (or more) of boost?
-keeping internals at stock
-small to mid size turbo within volumetric effeciency
-megasquirt with an expert tuner and a dyno

2. Will it be bolt on and will it fit in the engine bay of a BG?
-with custom turbo manifold
-with a 3 row aluminum radiator

3. What should be the ideal transmission set up?
-will the G series be a direct bolt on?
-are there stock axles that can fit? Or is it necessary to customize?

4. Which is a better set up for a 300HP goal? BP turbo or KLZE turbo?

Any thoughts and foresights will be highly appreciated.


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