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zaska 07-06-2018 11:20 PM

probing the astina (KL-DE in ba astina)
thats the astina
thats the probe...

the astina was 700 bucks, the probe 300.
the plan is to swap the probes kl into the astina..
just would like to get any info i could on the legal side of things for now, (i live in nsw) i know ill have to get it looked at just have never done a engine swap before...
i read a few other posts of the same sorta thing with swapping the kl engine into a astina that was kf powered, and i have a basic idear of what im going to use from each motor but just wanted to start from the beginning with what problem is the RTA going to cause me???????
im going to start a work log too, once work actually starts.
any info would be appreciated. :)
sorry about the size of the images, still working it all out :confused:

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