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Originally Posted by shaggy 1800 View Post
Hey guys i knows it's probly been answerd before but ive had a look and carn't find it.

Im goin to fit a pod filter to my BG astina. The problem is space. It won't fit if i just take out the air box. There is a black box about 5cm after the AFM and there is a tube running off the bottom of it. Would it be ok to take this box out so i can move my AFM back so i can fit my pod in?? what would i have to do with the tube?? breather filter??? cable tie it some where so it can get some air with no filter???

any help cheers
No don't remove that, it is a resonance chamber, it will have a detrimental effect on the way the engine operates and may even lose power

Go to Autobahn or Repco etc. get one of those alloy 90deg elbow sections(I had an 80mm elbow left over from a turbo install on my Landcruiser that I had made at an exhaust shop), and a couple of the silicon/rubber connector hoses and some hose clamps (to connect the elbow to the AFM and Pod)
Below the air box is a big empty space.
Remove the airbox and the cold air intake tube that runs into this space. I took the black cold air intake tube and cut the it at the bottom in the centre of the "U" section and re fitted it(it's tight but it will fit down beside the pod) this will get you cold air into where the pod is
Fit the elbow to the pod, drop it into that space and then fit the elbow to the AFM.

All you need to do then is tie the AFM to something to stop it rattling or moving about(I used cable ties)
I then cut a piece of rubber sheet to fit around the elbow and cover the space where the pod sits
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