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Comparing Brakes Companies

Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of upgrading the brakes on my 323 BA Astina. A mechanic friend of mine recommended Disc Brakes Australia for Rotors and Bendix Pads.

I notice a few people think RDA Rotors are really good. I was just curious as to the experiences everyone has had and who they would recommend. Any advice is much appreciated

I don't intend to do any track work just a bit of agressive street driving
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I ran RDA rotors on a bigger, heavier previous car and they were fine even after mountain runs. As for pads look up QFM, Queensland Friction Materials. They do great pads at even greater prices. I run A1RM pads up front and HPX on the rear and they haven't faded yet.
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I've used
EBC - DBA - Brembo and RDA
back a few years ago now a few RDA were known for warping.

now I personally bought some EX OLD STOCK or NOS stock of former DBA - for my mazda. This was pre - NON aspestos disc rotors. These had no rust protection but pure class in terms of fit and steal

only rotors I've used recently to compete with were the EBC grooved and DBA 5000 series.

I've used two sets of RDA's I used a set back in 08 got stung with warpping rotors two sets actually. the 3rd set is on the car but due to the newer metals that are softer and I'm using EX stock pads - AKA Aspestos based - the pads don't wear. still on original rears at 45,000kms and still 9mm of pad left. the fronts are like new but the rotor is now lipping and grooved. I'll machine them for noise soon but. for the price no issue.

As for the brembo's (I think branded only) I never got to wear them out as I did a brake upgrade but they copped it didn't warp - I used $400 race pad in it I cooked the brakes and the rotor didn't crack wear or dis colour. I cracked my race rotors with QFM's HPx's I think

but do note pre aspestos car pre current car setups.
They don't use as strong a metal materials for better braking now. I've done two sets of rotors in the Lexus - as over $800 each service all with in 30,000kms. yes 15,000kms you change rotors and pads if you drive it a bit hard. but it stops dead when BJ Astina pulls out in front. OR a kid runs out of no where.
A small price to pay. Even on mates company mazda 6 has only done 80,000kms 3 sets of disc rotors

I know on BA's they were the first to get NON aspestos pads all models. (yes it was not a complete turn over for all models or cars. ) I bought original Pads for my BA V6 because I was told best pad for normal use was factory - IMO only the ultimates by bendix got close. They dusted mildly compared to Ultimates but stopped better cold and or hot.

No I don't know if they were same for BP models but I don't even think you would get them from mazda anymore. But they lasted and went well.

IMO on my wagon I've gone back to just 4WD heavy duty pad because the ultimate types all take a bit to heat up. PLus I know it's small disc and it won't matter what pad as you do the fluid before hand. (former problem with my Mx-6 )
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Rotor - RDA and DBA are much of a muchness.

Pads there is heaps of variences. EBC no good for Aussie heat.
Bendix are genrally a poor product nowadays.

TRW or QFM are the way to go.
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Originally Posted by Redhawk375 View Post
A mechanic friend of mine recommended Disc Brakes Australia for Rotors and Bendix Pads.
And they say trade reppin' doesn't work...

Depends what you're using the car for. RDA and DBA Street series are very similar, both made OS, both just designed as a trade replacement item.

DBA 4000 Series is made in Aus, and has added features like thermal stability profiling and thermal marking paint, handy if you're doing track work and want to monitor your brake temps.

As for pads, the range out there is huge. We do about 15 different of pads, from basic trade servicing items (like RDA, Protex, Horsepower) to performance street pads (like Remsa, TRW, QFM, EBC, Acre), right up to the V8 Supercar control pads, and in particular, the brand that has started dominating motorsport worldwide, Project Mu.

If dust isn't a major concern, then for aggressive street driving, I'd recommend a European performance street pad called Remsa, which is good for 650 degrees (or 100 degrees higher than QFM HPX or Bendix Ultimate), and low rotor wear with great cold bite. Remsa is what we supply as a trade servicing pad to high end European workshops (like Ferrari, Porsche etc.)

Or if dust is of concern, then I'd go QFM HPX.
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And to further the man himself this is exactly what I've found with remsa vs hpx...never tried the Bendix range and probably never will...
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I've found the HPX pads to be quite ok for my street driving and occaisional trip to the hills or car control course. Note this is with speeds 50-100kph in 2nd gear tight twisties, not higher speed track driving. Interestingly, an MX5 with EBC Green Stuff, and a modded R33 GTS25T with upgraded brakes(can't remember what) were nowhere near keeping up with the humble 1.8 Astina on a particular favorite road, and both had fading, smoking brakes at the end. The Astina was fine with no fading or smoking. I don't know why the difference. Maybe the amount of engine braking at high rpm in 2nd gear takes a lot of load off the brakes. The tyres, however, end up pretty rough with little melted blobs of rubber all over them. Anyway, the point is HPX should be fine for aggressive street. So was OEM in my case, for that matter.

They do dust more than OEM and start chucking lumps of dust on the wheels when pushed bit, but not bad at all. I've also found that if they are NOT used hard enough for a week or 2, they start squeeling at low speed and pressure. Another bedding in run or trip to the hills fixes that.

Slotted rotors look cool, but I can't really say I've noticed any difference in performance. They are starting to pulse a bit lately (like they might be warping), haven't checked why yet.
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323 ba, brakes, discs, pads, rotors

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