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Originally Posted by Clean_Cookie View Post
have you ever been defected in the bug dan? I doubt its 100% ride height legal lol.
Originally Posted by rodhog View Post
It's a Classic and Nice people drive VW's (classics- Karman ghia's - bettles and split window Combi's )
It's about 4cm off the ground at the lowest point. Lucky it has a flat bottom and short overhangs!

But yeah, i got defected in it a few years ago when i went to Valla (Northern NSW) for a big VW event.
...one of the defects included the mythical 'empty washer bottle'

But yeah, otherwise the cops just leave me alone really. It's (perceived) as being too slow to hoon.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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swift jimmy
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had the same thoughts after i bent mine.. what would i buy next.. but that all went out the window 2km up the road from the repairs i was hooked back into the sp20. I'll be keeping mine forever at this point have invested to much $$$ to just let it go. Probably at some point go buy a cheap daily

Major plans at this point FS-ZE swap for it. Once thats done start updating the interior
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Depending on my job status sincr completig uni....nect year probably go the FD rx7 bathurst or spirit r route and sell the turbo astina probably drop a fresher motor in it before I sell too...just for added bonus to buyer
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those rx7's are really expensive! very nice tho, I'd have to say the same, if I can afford an mps or an rx7 then I will get one, but I'll be looking for an investment property soon...

Hustle and Flow
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modify, rebuild, respray, turbo, upgrade

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