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Sp20 born again

I have an 2002 SP20 that I bought from the auctions. It has had the dash and airbags stolen from it and came with no keys. It also had the ecu and key transponder removed. Other than this, the car is complete. The car is an auto with 89,000km on it.

I purchased a second 2002 SP20 that had a frontal acident and I am using it to donate the interior to make one whole car. This car has 100,000 km on it.

The car donating the parts is a manual and the car receiving the parts is an auto. Does anyone know if I can I use the manual ecu, transponder and key set on the auto car? Are the ECUs different?

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Hello, i believe I purchased some mazda wheels of ebay from you.

as I might of mentioned, the auto gearbox will not work correctly without an auto computer.

automatic ecu also controls gear selection on the auto box by rpm & engine load.

it wouldnt be a problem if you were fitting a auto ecu in a manual powered sp20

in the worse case, the car will start and run etc, and will be stuck in 1st gear and will not change.
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donate the manual gearbox and manual ecu into the new car. problem solved.

cannot drive a manual car? get a real license. problem solved.
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auto, ecu, manual, sp20

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