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So Saturday ended up pretty much perfect! 1st session the track was pretty much underwater, but towards the end of the second session a dry line started to show up and it was pretty much dry for the rest of the day! Car performed really well apart from a few minor niggles.

Oil temps were getting pretty high in the last couple of sessions when I was really pushing hard, and I totally cooked the brakes. Typical Mallala, it's always been death for brakes! So, the todo list..

I'm going to do a Mazda 6 GH front brake conversion. Basically just looking for some bigger discs to resist the heat better.. I had good pads on and racing brake fluid so I think the stock ones just aren't up to the abuse on this track. Will see how that goes and if it's too unbalanced I'll do something about the rears too.

Also going to throw on an oil cooler to sort out those temps! Water temp stayed at a nice 80-85 degrees all day so that isn't an issue.
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