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Coilovers or lowered Springs?

Hey guys!

I was just wondering which one would be better/value for money?

Also what brands should I be looking at?

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depends on what your requirements are

if you're looking for something cheap and works good enough, then springs work fine... they also have less parts to break... you just can't adjust the height though
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And coils will improve handling by a greater degree, you can adjust camber and get lower, but cost 3x more minimum.
Brand wise, you get what you pay for. But as an example- I got d2 coils, practically the cheapest you can buy, and they have done me well for 4 years now. Although they did come with un-adjustable rear camber tops..
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My old D2s had adjustable rears. But only 2 holes, so only 2 angles to pick from.

As for other brands, not many will offer rear camber adjustment for the rears on macpherson strut suspensions.

And I wouldn't say coilovers are 3x the cost. Even the cheapest kings springs cost $300 for all 4. Then add some shocks. Another $600 for good ones.

Where you'll get coilovers for $1100-$1200.

But as Edwin (theman) posted, you need to know what you require before deciding which to get.

springs = lower + minimal improve in handling
springs + shocks = lower + medium improvement in handling
coilovers = lower (adjustable) + high improvement in handling + camber (adjustable) + bumpiness

most of the bumpiness in a cheaper coilover comes from the springs being too stiff. if you ever to decide to purchase coilovers, think about buying slightly less stiff springs when ordering them for a street car.
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Only have great things to say about my AutoExe coilovers! They don't run crazy stiff spring rates either so they're pretty tolerable day to day. Still a stiff setup but it doesn't break your back like alot of others..
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