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New to Forum

Hi all
Just joined up as I am working on a project... a Eunos 30x. I know, I know, it isn't an Astina, but it is close enough. Besides, this is the only forum I can find with even the slightest bit if info on 30xs... so here I am. Wold love some help with info etc. For example, I know there are a fair few things that are interchangeable between an Astina and a 30x so any pointers would be great! I'm also looking for a few parts (which I'll post later) so if you have any or know someone with an old 30x, let me know. Otherwise I look forward to talking to you guys.
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Welcome to AGT

www.teameunos.com is a good marque-specific one.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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Yeah I tried to get into that one... For some reason my IP was blocked. I emailed them a million times asking for help and didn't get anything in return. Oh well
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!! Welcome To AstinaGT !!
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Welcome mate

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30x, eunos, newbie, project

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