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2003 Mazda 323 Protége

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2003 Mazda 323 Protége
It's premium beige... well, it's Champagne Gold.

2003 Mazda 323 Protége
- under 60000kms
- auto
- 1.8
- Nissan SSS 14" rims.
- rear spoiler

May have to put that RS*R exhaust i've got on it to see what it's like heheh

- Added Mazdaspeed MS-01Rs to it with very stick Yokohama Advans and Bridgestone RE-01s

- Testfitted the RS*R exhaust - looks great, but needs a baffle put in the cannon, so removed again for the time being.

Since then?

Car got haildamaged, got resprayed, sold the MS-01Rs, new windscreen, new tint, put on another set of MS-01Rs, fitted a JVC headunit, put in a 1500RS cluster, sold the MS-01Rs, and put on a set of MS-03s

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2003 Mazda 323 Protége - Photo 3266 2003 Mazda 323 Protége - Photo 3267 2003 Mazda 323 Protége - Photo 3268 2003 Mazda 323 Protége - Photo 3953 2003 Mazda 323 Protége - Photo 3954
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Created: 10-02-2009 08:44 AM
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marcs_sp20 yes, gotta agree with how sh!te the seating position is, and you now know why I upgraded the stock stereo 10-02-2009
Rupewrecht Yeah, hers. BJs are so different to BAs...the seat position is lousy insofar as you sit 'on' the car, not 'in' it, and the stereo is just so comparatively crap!

And yeah, there'll be a nice drone lol
marcs_sp20 the missus' car?

I can just imagine the sound of the RSR exhaust on a gay auto
Rupewrecht Might as well be! 10-02-2009
bourbon its not yours haha 10-02-2009
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